I have had some thoughts running through my mind… I really would like to hear your thoughts.

As I’m transitioning to publishing first on the Gazing Skyward TV website, I’m wanting to improve the quality of content being posted there. The word “wanting” is key. I may not actually need to improve the quality.

I don’t know that I can undertake this process of improving the content myself because of the time commitment.

I can keep publishing these mini articles as I have on social media on the GSTV website. But is that really a good time investment? Especially when there is another website doing something similar? The website which shall not be named here is run by an older gentleman. Do I approach him with the proposal of merging with me managing/improving the website and some social media? I have no idea whether the guy would even be open to this?

I am being brutally honest as to what is running through my mind at the moment.