Thought I’d drop by and say I’m not dead! I’ve just been working on the Gazing Skyward TV website every opportunity I get. So far I have about 20 hours invested with probably around 20 more to go.

It is coming along beautifully! In the end, it will be a custom website that is well suited to displaying aviation history posts in a highly organized fashion.

For example…
You want to check out all the events that happened on a particular day… you can do that. You want to view them in order from latest to oldest… you can do that too!

The idea is I’m building this site to be around for many years to come. I’m building it in such a way to encourage readers to contribute their stories tied to that particular event/day/aircraft/person the post is about, in the comments. Knowledge and insight. Recommended books, movies, articles, PDF documents and videos related to the post.

My goal is to make it a low pressure environment where people are encouraged to share knowledge that can be far better preserved than if it were posted on a social media platform. Through community engagement, I hope it will become the most comprehensive database of aviation history content available on the internet.

I’m very excited to see this become something big!