Important… Please read and lets connect outside of Google+

I’m sad that the Google+ ride is just about over. If you did not already hear, Google+ (for consumers) will be shutting down sometime next year. Here is Google’s announcement:

I have connected with so many people here. I want to make sure everyone that wants to remain connected can remain connected with me.

My Website
First and foremost, my permanent home will always be my personal website. You can always find out what I’m up to there and can contact me through there.

Connecting with me on LinkedIn would also be a great option especially if you work in the aviation industry, a sales/marketing professional, or a web developer.

I do not plan to stop posting about aviation history. So barring any change in thinking, my Facebook page will become my new home.

Also join the Facebook Group:

Also, I will share a link to my Facebook profile. Feel free to at least follow it. I do post aviation related things (including my photography) publicly from time to time. If you send me a friend request, I may or may not accept it. It really depends on how well I know you.

If you want to follow for my photography, please follow me on Instagram.

I will continue to post to my two Twitter accounts and will remain “reactive” to mentions.

Lastly, a couple people requested that I check into Discord. I thought it was an interesting enough idea that I signed up and created a Discord server for +Gazing Skyward TV. Come on over for a more community-like environment.

I look forward to connecting with you on other platforms…

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