Listen Up!
Some of you who have expressed a desire to see the aviation community here on G+ flourish and to introduce people to aviation.

This post is a followup from yesterday’s post, which I’ll link below.

I would like to get members who are interested in introducing teens and young adults to aviation through a variety of activities… For example, +Pete Panozzo has already been doing this through his research efforts and sharing of posts to his collections! +Dewey Davenport has done a phenomenal job of introducing people to aviation through his barnstorming activities and his YouTube channel and +Robert DeLaurentis is planning a pole to pole flight!

Maybe it is just me but I feel as though there isn’t a whole lot of communication on how we can coordinate our efforts so together we can have a greater impact than any one individual.

Yesterday, I was in a private Hangout discussion with someone at G+ and some fellow Google+ Create members. We were talking about various ways to grow and promote the things we are most passionate about. The biggest takeaways for me were: 1. find people who share the same passion as you and collaborate. 2. that we can pitch the social team at G+ platform-wide social campaigns. In 2016, I coordinated with the G+ social team the #NationalAviationDay campaign which was very successful!

So, I would love to have a Hangout or a series of Hangouts dedicated to the topic of how best we can introduce people to aviation through a more coordinated effort.

I wanted to get a feel for what days may work best for people who are interested in participating in some way. For me personally, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are out and Saturdays are often busy. So I’m open to your suggestions on times that may work best. Lastly, I’m not quite sure how many people here are in dramatically different time zones. If anyone is in places like Europe, Africa, Asia, or Australia, please let me know.