How do I “recruit” new guild members? Perhaps you’ve wondered about this! I will explain my process and pass along what I have learned. I want to say first though, that I am pleased with the growth rate of our membership! I wish to thank everyone that accepted our invitation to join our community and share our passion for aviation! If you haven’t done so already, members should “Introduce yourself” with a brief post to that category. Don’t be shy!

Now, as for my experience with “recruitment”! I combed through my contacts on Google +, and flagged or invited anyone that ” +1 ed ” my aviation related posts and I checked their profile page to see what other communities in which they hold membership. If they have a sufficient number of aviation-related communities and seem active on G+ I send out an invitation. As time progresses, I watch my notifications keeping an eye on new names that appear from +1s, comments, and other updates as they pertain to my Aviation-related posts.

It has been a rewarding experience for me! I have received affirmation from good friends (Michael Harris and Carol FromFlorida for example) that have joined and I have established new friendships ( John Chvatal, C. J. Wickett, Paolo Viti, William Troskey, Blackwater NZ, Philip Johnson and Mati Dominguez to name just a few!) I have met others from other communities on Google + (El Maria) and I have joined their community as they have joined mine!

Like many other things in life, you get out of G+ what you put into it! Our guild will grow stronger as we create new contacts and bonds through our posts and comments. I encourage everyone to devote some of your G+ time to our community! Comment on each other’s posts and +1 images that please you! Create posts and polls! Share your Aviation related experiences! If you have any suggestions or questions bring them to the attention of owner John Chvatal or moderator Pete Panozzo. Enjoy membership! It will be what you make of it!