Long overdue update

Welcome to the new members
I would like to welcome all the new community member and to remind those who have not done an introduction post to please do one. There is a dedicated community category for your introduction posts. It is nice to learn a bit about each other’s background.

Recruiting new members
The official way to invite new members is to mention those you want to invite through the pinned post on my profile. It would be great to see this community grow with some more like-minded individuals.

Abusive behavior
It has been awhile since I’ve reiterated the importance having mutual respect for fellow members of the community. The moderation team prefers to take hands off approach to how we manage this community. When discussions devolve into personal attacks, the moderator team will be forced to step in for the good of the community. As always, if you have any concerns, please reach out to a moderator either privately or publicly. Whichever you prefer.

Happy posting and discussing…!