The Google+ Aviation Guild Categories

I thought I’d clear up the confusion as to what the different community categories are to be used for.

Military Aviation
This category is for military aviation. From ww1 biplanes to ww2 warbirds to today’s modern fighter jets.

Antique/Classic (Non-Military & Pre 1960)
This category is for older civilian aircraft that is pre-1960. This would include aircraft like the Wright Flyer, Curtiss Pusher, Boeing Model 40, Beech Staggerwing, Globe Swift, early Cessna & Piper models etc.

General Aviation & Sport Aviation (1960 & After)
This category is for more modern civilian aircraft 1960 and after. This would include more modern Cessna and Piper models, Cirrus, Flight Design LSA, experimental aircraft like Vans RV aircraft, Ballooning, Powered Paramotor etc.

Business and Commercial Aviation
This category is for business jets and commercial airlines. This would include the Ford Trimotor, Douglas DC-3, Lockheed Constellation, Howard 500, Douglas DC-8, Boeing 727, Airbus A380, Cessna Citation etc.

UAVs and Model Aircraft
This category is for Drones, UAVs and Model Aircraft. Basically, anything that is unmanned and remotely controlled.

Flight Simulation
This category is for flight simulation, computers used for flight simulation, and accessories that enhance the flight simulation experience.

Poll Me Silly
This category is for posts containing polls.

Hangar Flying (Your Aviation Stories)
This category is for sharing your aviation experiences. Maybe you went to an airshow or you went flying… this is the place to share your stories.

Introduce Yourself
I would like to see every member have an introduction post here. That way other members can get to know a little about you.

Your Aviation Collections
Are for links to your Collections along with a description. Pete Panozzo has done a good job of posting some of his Collections there. Follow his lead.

Google+ Help / Tips & Tricks
I am an experienced Google+ user and I am regularly in contact with various people who build and maintain the Google+ platform. So if you run across any issues related to Google+, post them there.

Updates (moderators only)
Are for me to post to or any other community moderators. You’ll find update posts and posts relating to how this community functions.