An update…

#1. I won a sales and marketing scholarship through ABCI which will really benefit me professionally. I’ve linked the announcement below.

#2. I’ve been juggling several client web development projects while working on mine. I recently got my website redone. Still have some minor tweaks to do. My business site is still a work in progress. The Flying Cloud has become a back burner project for now.

#3. I pulled a copy of the Gazing Skyward TV website today and have begun a rebuild on it. The website will become the permanent home for the This Day in Aviation History posts. I am working on a way to organize those posts by the month and day in chronological order.

I’m hoping to turn GSTV into something the community builds through many small contributions that when added up becomes a very valuable asset to those wanting to learn about aviation history. I’m holding back on the details for a much larger reveal later on. I’m going to need all the support I can get if it is to be a success.

ABCI Congratulates 2019 Aviation Sales and Marketing Scholarship Recipients