Update 4th Week of December
I have been feeling much better (after several weeks of being sick) and am taking the time to prepare for the new year. I got behind on things like notifications and email. So this week has been I’ve been playing catch-up.

I’m looking forward to 2018 where I can really focus on The Flying Cloud and Gazing Skyward TV.

Gazing Skyward TV
Something I have been thinking about is loosening my grip on Gazing Skyward TV and inviting select individuals from the aviation community here to help manage and contribute to the page. I would continue to put up daily aviation history posts and my photography (when I have some new photos to post). I want to get back to creating new aviation history posts… but it has been difficult with the full responsibility of managing Gazing Skyward TV and now The Flying Cloud. It is just too much for one person to handle. Dividing up tasks would help a lot.

Let me know if this is something that’d interest you.

The Flying Cloud
I’ll be starting on building a new feature to the website in the coming few weeks. Then I will be actively approaching some aviation media sites. I already have talked with someone who works for AOPA. He is personally behind what I’m doing and his immediate boss was also interested. We will see how this all goes…

Once again… I’d like to welcome the new people who have joined in the past week or so… You can check out their intro posts under the Introduce Yourself Category.