This morning I’ve been pondering… what is the most important ingredient missing that would allow the broader aviation community to grow even more on Google+? I would like to hear your thoughts through voting and your comments.

More Passion, More People
I don’t think passion is it because there are many people who are here on G+ who are passionate about aviation. Though we are a smaller group which I’ want to see grow.

The G+ Platform
The Google+ platform itself has it’s buggy issues. Though I do know the engineers are working on it. I have a pretty good understanding of their vision and I like what I see/hear. So I’d say the G+ platform isn’t ideal yet, but is a work in progress.

More Aviation Publishers
There is a small group of aviation publishers that use G+ to share their articles. But in my estimation, very few of that group are using what I’d consider best practices. This leads to discouragement which makes it feel like G+ is dead.

Other (comment below sharing your thoughts)