How to Share Photos on The Google+ Aviation Guild

I will be focusing on how to share photos found through Google Image Search. Link is here:

Sharing Via A Link
When you find a photo you’d like to share, click on the photo to expand it. Now you have a choice either share a link to the photo or to download the photo and then upload it directly to G+.

If you’re sharing the photo via a link. It is not necessary to provide a link to where you found the photo. This is probably the easiest method of sharing a photo.

Here is the link to the photo featured in the first screenshot:

Copying and Sharing
On a photo that is expanded in Google Image Search, you can “Right Click” on the image. Then select “Open image in new tab”. The image will open in a new tab. Then you can “Right Click” on the image in that new tab and select “Copy image”. The image should be saved to your downloads folder on the computer.

Find and open your downloads folder. Then on Google+, create a new post. Click the camera icon. You should be able to drag and drop the image you downloaded over the window that opened up. The photo will upload.

Since you’re copying the image, it is important to provide attribution to either the photographer or where you found it. Adding the link to the image that you opened up in the new tab is probably the simplest form of attribution.

Here is that link to that image:

So for attribution by link you could say simply:

Photo from:

As photographers, we appreciate it when care is taken when sharing photos you find online. It shows you respect and appreciate their work.

Of course, most of all we appreciate seeing photos you’ve taken yourself!

Any other questions about sharing images… please comment below.