My name is Matthew and I’m originally from California, though I now live in Georgia. As a kid, I was treated to quite a few launches of spacecraft, including Voyagers 1 & 2, Ulysses and Galileo. I saw Columbia and Challenger on their maiden launches, and remember vividly being in 8th grade math class when Challenger exploded.

I’ve been in the transportation business since 1995, and performed just about every job their is with regard to freight – sea, air and ground. In the formative years my largest client was McDonnell Douglas, and then Boeing after they “merged”. This has afforded me a lot of opportunities to get up close to aircraft in a way the the public generally can’t. I’ve collected a lot of pictures along the way, which I’ll gradually share with all of you.

Another neat experience derived from my dad’s career at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard. I was there when they moved the Spruce Goose out of it’s mothball hangar and used the YD-171 floating crane to move it to the dome next to the Queen Mary.

Anyway, I’m glad to be part of this group, and looking forward to reading about other’s experiences as I share my own