Hello, I got invited to be here in this community, so here I am.

I have a 27 year background in aviation, starting when I began my aircraft maintenance training at Lansing Community College in 1991. After finishing my schooling, and getting my Airframe & Powerplant tickets, I went to work in Northern Michigan doing large aircraft heavy maintenance. I gained a lot of experience there, and was able to travel the world, doing work on the airline’s fleet of aircraft when they broke unexpectedly.

For 8 years I was fortunate enough to work for Pratt & Whitney in their flight test organization, up in way upstate NY. There, I learned that you can do pretty crazy things to aircraft, as long as an engineer signs off on it. We took care of two aircraft at that facility; a B720, and a B747SP, which the company used to flight test engines and systems as a path to certification.

Currently, I am back in Northern Michigan, right back where I started. Working as an inspector in the turbine engine overhaul shops primarily.

I run a Collection here on Google+ where I share pictures and things under the title of Aviation & Aviation Maintenance. It was here that I have learned that it isn’t how many followers that you have, but rather, the quality of the ones you have, that really matters.

Nice to meet you.