Hello, everyone! I’m Bill Troskey. I am an Air Force veteran, and while my job (telecommunications) kept me firmly planted on the ground, my interest in aviation continued to grow. I love attending air shows, and in addition to photographing the various static aircraft and airborne acts, since I’m also a scanner geek, I enjoy listening to them on my scanner; particularly the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels. While I was stationed in Germany I was fortunate enough to have attended the Ramstein Air Show twice (1979 & 1980). While stationed at Offutt AFB I took an “Ambassador Flight” on an EC-135 Looking Glass training hop. By the time I got out in 1982, I had photographed almost every type of aircraft in the USAF inventory. I’m also lucky enough to live about 4 hours away from the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force‚Äč , and have visited there 5 times.
Thanks again for the invite, John! Glad to be here!