Hello, My name is Dewey. I am a aviation enthusiast in so many ways. I started building models around the age of seven. Then RC airplanes when I was a teen. Started flying real aircraft in high school. I’m a modern day barnstormer. I own and operate Goodfolk and O’Tymes Biplane Rides from my private grass strip in Jamestown, Ohio. I travel around the area in a 1929 Travel Air 4000 and a D-25 New Standard. My real job is flying a Challenger 350 for a large corporate company. I am also a aviation YouTuber. I make video’s of different aircraft that I fly, places I travel, etc. If you like modern and antique aircraft then I’m your guy. I love antiques and I hope you can find the pictures and videos that I post educational and entertaining. Thanks https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4YY1zpNr4QaIL0_pK1_ANQ?view_as=subscriber