Important Update

As Google+ is getting closer to shutdown, lets make sure we stay connected on other platforms.

Please leave a comment with a link to your profile on MeWe and any other Groups/Communities or Pages on MeWe. If you aren’t interested in MeWe, please post links to other social platforms you plan to spend time on.

I will also be active on other social platforms. MeWe and Facebook are going to be my primary with Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram being secondary platforms.

I am working on exporting and archiving all the posts in The Google+ Aviation Guild Community as well as Gazing Skyward TV and my profile. They will be available on a WordPress website for your viewing pleasure.

The Gazing Skyward TV website is still in the process of being rebuilt. Once completed, all This Day in Aviation History posts will be published there first and shared out on social media. The website will have a robust commenting system (including up-voting and down-voting of comments) and my hope is when I put up an aviation history post, others will share their knowledge, links, and videos in the comments to make one of the best places to explore events that shaped aviation.

It is sad to see the demise of Google+ but I’m optimistic that a rebirth is happening on other social platforms like MeWe.

Once again, please leave a comment with links to your social profiles. We really need to stay connected…