I wanted to take a moment to bring attention to a worrying trend in The Google+ Aviation Guild Community. A trend that if left unchecked, is a Community killer.

Post and Run
People who post but do not follow up on comments left on their posts are inconsiderate. I have seen it time and time again; there is more interest to post to communities than to comment on other’s posts.

It just seems easier to post than to comment. In the short term, this is true… In the long run, it only hurts your credibility and slows the process of making new friends who share the same interests. Communities are for sharing your knowledge, your passion, and for making new friends.

Resharing Without Adding Value
Finding a Google+ post and straight up sharing it without adding any additional commentary/value is unhealthy. A healthy Community is a place people come to share knowledge, learn from one another, and make friends.

The most respected/valued Community members are those who take the time to comment on other’s posts, the members who respond to comments left on their posts, and the members who add additional value to the posts they share… the photos they share… the videos they share… and the articles they share.