Hello guys I apologise not posting my presentation before, I had lot to do today, but I wanted to thank you all letting me joining this wonderful community hoping to share with my love for airplanes! Let me tell you that my love for airplanes started when I flew the first time on a Lockheed Constellation from New York to Rome, my father was Italian, in the summer of 1959 when I was three years old and a half. I sat more or less were the inner engine was and for me it was a revelation to hear the powerful and throaty sound of the engines and see how it was taking off and seeing the wonderful sky like in this photo when I flew to Sweden. Since then I flew so many time with great pleasure in many countries but my greatest flights was travelling with the old C-47 over the African plains from South to Zimbabwe and other places, yes I’ve been lucky.
Hope I didn’t bore you with this monologue and best regards