Hello Everyone!
My name is John Chvatal and I am the founder of Gazing Skyward TV and The Flying Cloud.

AvGeek / Photographer – Specializing in Social Media Consulting, WordPress Web Development, and SEO.

I grew up on a private airstrip surrounded by aviation-minded family and friends. This led me to a desire for a career that involved aviation in some form. Through my teen years, I was drawn like a magnet to computer technology. After founding Gazing Skyward TV to share my love of aviation history with others, I realized how passionate I was about making computer technology work for the betterment of the aviation community, specifically in the area of digital media.

I am generally an open book and enjoy having conversations relating to any aspect of aviation, photography, and digital media.

I am a Google+ Create Member which you can learn more about it here:

Through the experience of being a Create member, I have a deeper understanding of the Google+ platform than most people. One of the categories I have is titled *Google+ Help / Tips & Tricks. Post something there if you have any questions about the Google+ platform and I’ll try to answer them as best as I can.