Do you like to post about aviation here on Google+? If so, please read on.

I’m starting a new aviation community that is invite only. The sorts of people that would be a good fit are:

1) Frequently post on Google+ about aviation or are interested in doing so.

2) Must be able to communicate in English.

3) An interest in growing the aviation community here on Google+.

4) Have experience in the aviation industry that is demonstrated in some capacity online.

At least half of these boxes must be ticked in order to be considered.

If you’re interested, please first respond to the poll below.

Then leave a comment introducing yourself. It is important you leave a comment because not everyone’s name appears in the poll results. People must comment in order to be considered.

Also, please make sure to comment on the original post, not a share of this post. It would be difficult for me to keep track of the comments if they are spread out.