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January 14th, 1953
First flight of the Convair F2Y Sea Dart.

The Convair F2Y Sea Dart was a unique American seaplane fighter aircraft that rode on twin hydro-skis for takeoff. It flew only as a prototype, and never entered production. It is the only seaplane so far to have exceeded the speed of sound.

The Sea Dart began as Convair’s entry to a 1948 U.S. Navy contest for a supersonic interceptor aircraft. There was at the time much skepticism about operating supersonic aircraft from aircraft carrier decks, which explains why the U.S. Navy ordered so many subsonic fighters at that time. The worry had some foundation, since many supersonic designs of the time required long takeoff rolls, had high approach speeds and were not very stable or easy to control – all factors that were troublesome on a carrier.

Ernest Stout’s team at Convair’s hydrodynamic research laboratory proposed to put a Delta Dagger on water skis.

Convair’s proposal gained an order for two prototypes in late 1951. Twelve production aircraft were ordered before a prototype had even flown. No armament was ever fitted to any Sea Dart built, but the plan was to arm the production aircraft with four 20mm Colt Mk12 cannon and a battery of folding-fin unguided rockets. Four of this order were redesignated as service test vehicles, and an additional eight production aircraft were soon ordered as well…..

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