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August 1st, 1949
First flight of the Northrop YC-125 Raider.

The YC-125 made its first flight on 1 August 1949 with Stanley at the controls. Initial flight tests went well, and all 23 aircraft were delivered to the Air Force by the end of 1950. However, the YC-125 was found to be underpowered during service trials. As a result, the aircraft was thought to have little use in its intended roles. The Air Force had other, more versatile aircraft and helicopters that could be used in place of the YC-125s. Soon, all YC-125s were stationed at Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas and used for ground instructional training. In 1955, they were declared surplus, and around 19 YC-125s were sold to Frank Ambrose Aviation in Florida. That company then resold many of the YC-125s to various entities in South America, where they were used as rough field transports. Some served into the 1970s, doing the type of work for which the N-23 Pioneer was originally designed….

Old Machine Press, Northrop N-23 Pioneer and N-32 / YC-125 Raider:

YouTube, Northrop Aircraft 2 (N-23 & YC-125):

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