A recent post from my WWII ITALIAN AVIATION collection. This is an artwork profile of the Fiat CR-42 “Falco” of the Regia AeronĂ¡utica or Italian Air Force. I like bi-planes, and the Falco and the British Gloster Gladiator were two of the last bi-planes to compete in aerial warfare. This profile illustrates very nicely the intricate camouflage pattern the Italians employed on their aircraft. The Italian aviators were indoctrinated to dogfight with opponents rather than exploit tactical advantages of their aircraft. They in fact, relished a “tail-chase”, a turning battle with the enemy. While all nations embroiled in WWII produced audacious aviators, in my opinion, credit must be given to Italian pilots who flew antiquated or obsolete machines with a demanding doctrine!

Originally shared by Pete Panozzo

Fiat C.R.42- “Falco”