At the risk of “flogging a dead horse” here is a post from my WWII JAPANESE AVIATION collection from nearly a year ago.

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Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka Kamikaze Attack Plane

Looking to refine the power of the Kamikaze attack, the Japanese introduced the Ohka in September 1944 a large piloted bomb.It was a rocket-propelled aircraft designed specifically for Kamikaze attacks and was equipped with a 2,643 pound warhead. During an attack, the Ohka was carried under the fuselage of a Mitsubishi G4M until its target was within range. Once released, a pilot would glide as close to the target as possible, hit the rocket engines, and then bullet towards the ship at a horrendous speed. The Allies quickly learned to attack the Ohka carrier aircraft before it had a chance to release it, greatly diminishing its effectiveness. But on at least one occasion it sunk a U.S. destroyer.