An update to my post from yesterday…..

Originally shared by Fred Robel

I’m seeing reports today, finally, that are acknowledging the very similar accident from August 2016 on Southwest Airlines; and that the FAA is going to fastrack the issuing of a new Airworthiness Directive, to make the testing of these fan blades mandatory.

I am pleased. But still have thoughts of too little too late.

I am curious to see if the new AD will adhere to the long time frame that is in the manufacturer service bulletins that form the basis for the inspection; or if the FAA will mandate a quicker window to perform the inspections.

I also read that Southwest is immediately going to implement the inspection of the specific part number blades that were involved in this accident. With help from GE itself.

GE will be sending about 40 people out on the road to assist airlines in the inspection procedure (reportedly).

So again, I’m happy to hear it. But I am not happy that it took someone actually dying, to get this kind of response.

If nobody had been injured or killed, would this still be the response?

No way to know now. But it’s like a friend once said: “If you want a stop sign installed at a dangerous intersection, it takes a certain number of serious accidents, or someone to get killed”