Spitfires and Hurricanes for Operation Torch (Allied forces landings in North Africa).

These aircraft were assembled, tested, and prepared for combat in a short space of time! An amazing and overlooked accomplishment by the ground crews!

Originally shared by Pete Panozzo

“Supermarine Spitfire Mark Vs assembled by the Special Erection Party for Operation TORCH, undergoing initial engine tests at North Front, Gibraltar. The Special Erection Party was established at Gibraltar in July 1942 to assemble and test fly aircraft crated from Britain by sea for the reinforcement of Malta. On 28 October 1942 an unexpected shipment of 116 Spitfires and 13 Hawker Hurricanes arrived to be prepared for the Allied landings in North Africa (Operation TORCH) and a further shipment was received a few days later. Despite shortages of personnel, the SEP, assisted by soldiers of the Malta Brigade, assembled, test-flew and cannon-tested all the aircraft in time for the commencement of the Operation (8 November).”
Date 1942