World War One German Albatros DVa

From the web-site: “Various reproductions have been completed by such experienced WW-I aircraft builders as Cole Palen, Jim Appleby and Walt Redfern (with Ron Sleep). Limited data has been available for some time, but not all of it has been reliable, so much of the information available today has come as a result of conservation work being carried out on the two original survivors. The first order of business would be to decide what information on hand was correct and therefore could be used during construction. The second problem would be filling in the blanks, finding the missing information and correcting any discrepancies. In order to avoid reinventing the wheel so to speak , TVAL prepared a package of readily available Albatros drawings and research previously done on the two surviving aircraft and then set out to compare this data with the closest original aircraft, the D.Va in Canberra, Australia (serial number D.5390/17).”