Originally shared by Lord Anubis

From a German fighter Ace:

“During the war I had the opportunity to fly captured P-47’s and P-51’s.

I didn’t like the Thunderbolt. It was too big. The cockpit was immense and unfamiliar. After so many hours in the snug confines of the 109, everything felt out of reach and too far away from the pilot.

Although the P-51 was a fine airplane to fly, because of its reactions and capabilities, it too was disconcerting. With all those levers, controls and switches in the cockpit. I’m surprised your pilots could find the time to fight.

We had nothing like this in the 109. Everything was simple and very close to the pilot. You fitted into the cockpit like a hand in a glove. Our instrumentation was complete, but simple: throttle, mixture control and prop pitch.

How your pilots were able to work on all their gadgets and still function amazes me.”

Walter Wolfrum Luftwaffe Ace is credited with 137 aerial victories.