I’ve been working on additions to my WWII Italian Aviation collection and discovered ( or maybe even rediscovered ) this gem!

C. R. 42 Falco

Originally shared by Pete Panozzo

This aircraft (MM5701) was based in Belgium in th Autumn of 1940 as part of the Corpo Aereo Italiano, the Italian Air Force element involved in the Battle of Britain. On November 11th 1940 while on a escort mission over Engand, flown by Sergente Pietro Savadori, its engine overheated and the pilot made a forced landing on the shingle beach at Orford Ness, Suffolk. It was subsequently test flown by Captain Eric “Winkle” Brown who was impressed by its manoeuvrability noted that it was underarmed.

Photo ref; Nikon-D80-2013-DSC_1256 (Edited)

Date 5 December 2006, 03:35
Source Fiat CR-42, RAF Museum, Hendon.
Author Roland Turner from Birmingham, Great Britain