John asked me to share a quick post introducing myself.
Hi, my name is Curt! I work at the Univ. of Minnesota in their UAV lab. I’m a lifelong aviation enthusiast. I don’t have my pilot license, but I do have about 45 minutes of stick time in a Luscombe.
I build and fly RC model airplanes and I have been to Oshkosh a few times. I got to fly on a Catalina when I was 5 years old and do a water landing on a river.
These days I spend most of my day job time working on various UAV projects for the U of MN. I’m the main test pilot for our lab. That means I get handed some crazy situations. A few weeks ago I had to land an airplane with the wing servos (ailerons and elevator totally dead due to a software bug.) We got back down in one piece with rudder and elevator only.
I have a little blog where I post about things I am working on or interested in. Feel free to ignore it like the rest of the internet. 🙂
I’m looking forward to seeing more cool aviation stuff in my google+ feed now that I’ve been added to this group, and maybe I can share something semi-interesting to a few people once in a while.