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January 25th, 1926
First flight of the Stinson Detroiter.

The Stinson Detroiter was a six-seat cabin monoplane for passengers or freight designed and built by the Stinson Aircraft Syndicate, later the Stinson Aircraft Corporation.

The first design from the Detroit based Stinson Aircraft Syndicate was the Stinson SB-1 Detroiter, a four-seat cabin biplane with novel features such as cabin heating, individual wheel brakes and electric starter for the nose-mounted 220 hp (164 kW) Wright J-5 Whirlwind engine. The Harley Davidson brakes were demonstrated on a snowy maiden flight requiring wheel chains to be added to prevent skidding. This aircraft was soon developed into the six-seat Stinson SM-1D Detroiter, a braced high-wing monoplane version which made its first flight on 25 January 1926. The aircraft was soon a success and it enabled Stinson to get $150,000 in public capital to incorporate the Stinson Aircraft Corporation on 4 May 1926…..

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