One of my favorite aircraft collections!

I would dare say that the P-51 “Mustang” is one of the most popular fighter planes of WWII and certainly an iconic design most readily recognized. It was an amazing aircraft; the men who piloted it contended that it was easy to fly and that it had no bad habits. It was a “game-changer” in grand strategy of aerial conflict in that it facilitated long-range fighter escort for the day light bombing campaign over Germany which play a big part in achieving the Allied victory. The “Mustang” became F-51 during the Korean War as the “P” for “Pursuit” (a holdover from WWI) was modernized to “F” for “Fighter”. It provided essential ground support missions against the Communist forces in the seesaw struggle along the 38th parallel. To this day, the “Mustang’s” popularity endures as evidenced by numerous examples participating at Air shows throughout the USA notably at Oshkosh, Wisconsin.