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I am a Software guy living in the greater Seattle area. I grew up just a couple of miles from Paine Field, home of the Boeing Wide-body plant, and the largest building in the world by volume. Some of my earliest memories include standing in my parents driveway looking up to see a jet flying overhead. Near by was what looked to me like a tiny remote-controlled airplane in close formation. That jet was the 747’s first flight, and the tiny plane turned out to be the F-86 Sabre Boeing used as a chase plane.

I have had a life-long fascination with flight, and in 1995 I started flight lessons. I now have Commercial Single and Multi Engine Instrument ratings, with endorsements for high performance, complex, and tail-wheel aircraft. I also recently added Flight instructor.

The Puget Sound area has a rich history of aviation, and as a result, and embarrassment of riches when it comes to aviation collections and museums, thus I have been exposed to a wide variety of classic aircraft.

I volunteer at Historic Flight Foundation, and have a membership at Flying Heritage Collection. I also have exposure to Legend Flyers, who remanufactured the Me-262s a while back. They are currently restoring a Mitsubishi Zero.

Some highlights of my flying experience include a couple of cross country ferry trips in planes as small as a Cessna 172, and as big as a North American T-6 (SNJ-4). I have also been able to fly a P-51 Mustang and a Fouga Magister. Over all, I have flight time in excess of 40 different types of aircraft.