This is one of the more popular collections I have created and it’s one of my favorites! The German Luftwaffe was an amazing Air Force of brave and dedicated men and they had at their disposal to fly combat in some of aviation history’s most unique and superbly designed aircraft such as the iconic Bf – Me 109, Focke Wulf FW 190, and ultimately the first operational jet propelled aircraft the Me 262. Aircraft technology and design made great leaps forward from a Germany ill-served by it’s leadership. A brilliant aviator and leader such as Adolf Galland had to contend with former egotistical WWI ace and Luftwaffe leader Herman Goering and a meddlesome Adolf Hitler. The greatest ace of any aerial conflict in the entire world, Erich Hartmann with 352 victories, was produced by the ill-starred Luftwaffe. This collection captures, the machines and men of Germany from that great conflict WWII.