I have been thinking about some of my earliest memories related to aviation. Since I was so young, the order of events was jumbled. So here is one of those earliest memories.

I couldn’t have been more than 3 years old when my dad acquired an ultra-rare Curtiss O-52 Owl project. He hired a guy to deliver it which is kind of unusual since he usually was the one picking up any aircraft he acquired. I have been told countless times jokingly that the Owl was my warbird. Somewhere there is a photo of me sitting in the cockpit of the Owl (I should really digitize a bunch of old photos).

Unfortunately for me, “my” Owl was sold 7 or so years later. Which exchanged hands a few more times after that. It is my understanding (through some messages from the owner), it is being restored and will fly again one day.

So… I am wondering what was one of your earliest memories related to aviation was?