Plan of Attack – Followup to the poll I put up on Sunday

I would like to thank everyone for voting and the comments on that poll! Your responses loudly demonstrated there is a strong interest in seeing more aviation news posts here on Google+.

So here is my plan
The Flying Cloud will heavily emphasize aviation news. In addition, there will be an emphasis placed on educational content.

Gazing Skyward TV will remain focused on aviation history and storytelling.

Another way to say this is Gazing Skyward TV will focus on the past and some aspects of the present. The Flying Cloud will focus more on the present and future.

Follow The Flying Cloud
So… please click on the link below to follow The Flying Cloud. I suggest you follow the page rather than individual Collections. It is likely I will be adding more Collections in the future. I would hate for you to miss posts posted to any new Collections I create.

If certain Collections really interest you, turn on notifications for that particular Collection. If there is a Collection that doesn’t interest you… unfollow it.

Gazing Skyward TV posts may slow down for the rest of the week
I am letting the scheduled article and video posts run out so I can switch to a more timely posting schedule. That way the articles and videos are a few days old rather than a few weeks old on average.

I have a web development project that is consuming a lot of my time. It should be finished later this week. Once it is finished, I can turn my attention to Gazing Skyward TV and The Flying Cloud.

John Chvatal will be responding to the comments of this post to any questions you might have related to this change….

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