A long overdue update.
Please read to the end because I have a poll that I’d like you to take.

As many of you know who follow the This Day in Aviation History Collection, I have launched The Flying Cloud website a little over a week ago.

You can read the announcement here:

Because of the launch of The Flying Cloud, some things will be changing for the better. This past summer, my focus was on getting The Flying Cloud built and ready for launch. This forced me to spend less time on social media. Many of the posts were scheduled a couple weeks in advance.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be switching back to finding articles that are only a couple of days old.

I will also be sharing articles and videos over on +The Flying Cloud page as well. I recommend you come over and give the page a follow so you don’t miss out on even more great aviation content.

Since my focus will be turning back to social media very soon… I wanted to get a feel for what sorts of articles you like most.

So… if you were to pick one article type what would it be?

Rest assured, I will not be only sharing the type of articles that come out on the top in the polls but will be mixing things up some.

John Chvatal will be responding to comments and will be answering your questions.

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