With the new information this past week about Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan, I thought I’d share this article that was written by David Billings. There are three main theories as to what happened to Earhart. Captured by the Japanese, crashed on New Britain Island, and crashed on Nikumaroro island.
I personally have written off the Nikumaroro island theory. The new information about Amelia Earhart being captured by the Japanese sounds believable. I have yet to see the 2 hour special since I don’t have the history channel. Here is a segment from the Today Show about this documentary: 
At this point, I am favoring the New Britain Island theory which the article David Billings wrote is about. David made it back to New Britain Island in June but due to some circumstances out of his control, he wasn’t able to do much investigative work. What he did get out of it was enough video footage so they can put a short documentary video together.
I’d like to ask you what you think? Have you watched the 2 hour special this past Sunday?
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