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The Boeing B-54A was the planned production version of the YB-50C and the final development of the B-29 Superfortress. It was powered by improved R-4360 Variable Discharge Turbine (VDT) radial engines. Wing span was increased by approximately 20 feet, necessitating additional outrigger landing gear in the outer engine nacelles. The larger wing imposed heavier loads on the fuselage, which was lengthened by over 10 ft to provide the requisite structural strength and accommodate a larger bomb load. The B-54A carried a pair of large 1,500 gal. fuel tanks under the outboard wing in order to meet the 9,300 mi. range requirement.

The RB-54A, a photo reconnaissance variant of the design, was also planned.

The photo below is reproduced from a report on the Boeing B-54A mockup inspection, which was held in Seattle on November 22-24, 1948. In the records, the B-54A mock-up was described as a modernized version of the YB-50C airplane mock-up which was inspected by Air Force personnel on February 24-26, 1948, revised to incorporate the type H-1 armament system, 120 volt d.c. electrical system and various changes decided upon during specification coordination conferences between Air Materiel Command and Boeing personnel.

– via the wonderful Retro Mechanix site, where even more photos and drawings of the B-54 are available to see.