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January 19th, 1946
First unpowered flight of the Bell X-1.
The X-1-1 was delivered by Bell in December 1945. At the same time, the Army Air Forces asked that NACA personnel oversee the instrumentation and data analysis of the X-1 flights. As a result, an NACA team was incorporated into the program. The first glide flight of the X-1 occurred on Jan. 19, 1946, at Pinecastle Field, FL, by Bell test pilot Jack Woolams. The X-1-1 was air launched from a B-29. Woolams made a total of 10 glide flights to test the X-1’s low-speed handling before it was returned to Bell in March 1946 for installation of the rocket engine. The aircraft was delivered to Muroc in October 1946….
NASA, NASA Armstrong Fact Sheet: First Generation X-1:
YouTube, BREAKING THE SOUND BARRIER – NOVA – Discovery Science History (full documentary):
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