ICYMI, you can enter to WIN an iOS iMessage sticker pack filled with great imagery and aviation lingo. Contest closes tomorrow (Friday) at 12 pm CST. Find out how to enter below:

Originally shared by Gazing Skyward TV

Last week, the wonderful Jessica Ambats made a post announcing her first aviation sticker pack available for iOS! It piqued my interest so I was able to arrange a special giveaway of three sticker packs!

There are a couple of things you must do to be entered:

1). Leave a comment telling us what your favorite aviation quote or aviation movie phrase is and why on the original post. Jessica will be picking her favorite 3 quotes. So choose wisely. 😉
Link to Original Post: https://plus.google.com/+Gazingskywardtv/posts/848zbZRUUJs

2). Share this post publicly or in a Collection that is visible publicly. I must be able to verify this post had been shared. Anyone caught entering multiple times using multiple profiles or pages will be disqualified!

3). This sticker pack will work on any device running iOS 10 or greater. You must have a compatible device or have the intention of gifting this sticker pack to someone else in order to enter.

4). This giveaway closes 12 pm CST on Friday the 14th of October.

I can’t think of a better way to incorporate aviation lingo into your iMessages than with this sticker pack Jessica has created! I’m looking forward to seeing what other aviation sticker packs Jessica comes up with in the future!

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