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When flying was an adventure

Imagine the excitement as you board your flight to Hong Kong at Treasure Island, San Francisco. It’s 1939 and your Pan Am Clipper Flying Boat will deliver you to your destination, 6 days later! You’ll make stops in Honolulu, Midway Island, Wake Island, Guam Island, Manila, Macao, and then your destination, Hong Kong.

“The only class was first class. Passenger compartments had heavy sound deadening. The aircraft had couches instead of just seats. On overnight flights, they could convert into beds. The passenger space was divided into five compartments. In addition, there was a spacious main lounge, separate men’s and women’s restrooms and changing rooms, and even a bridal suite in the tail. Food was served on China plates, and the level of cuisine was high. In addition, on most part of the journey, passengers only flew during the day and slept at comfortable hotels at night.

Pan Am loved to use nautical terminology, so it called its cabin attendants stewards and later stewardesses. For this level of service, prices were beyond the reach of anyone but the super wealthy. In 1939, a one-way ticket from San Francisco to Honolulu cost $278, and a one-way ticket to Hong Kong cost $1,368. In 2010 dollars, these were $4,317 and $11,803.”

The old section of The Bay Bridge, which has been torn down recently, is in the background.

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Pacific Aviation Museum