Hey everyone! I got back from AirVenture 2016 late Thursday. I had a great time helping out Aero-News Network during the days I was there. Got to meet some interesting people and see some amazing things! Over the coming weeks. I will be sharing some photos from #Osh16 .

I have gotten behind on responding to comments and I do apologize for the lack of response over the past week or two. So I am going to hit the reset button now and get back to engaging with you in the comments. Over time it has gotten much more difficult to respond to each and every comment. So I have resorted to +1ing your comments as an acknowledgment that I have at least read it. I will continue to place a top priority of responding to all +mentions that are deserving of a response.

I will be sharing more to the My Aviation Lifestyle Logbook Collection. So if you are looking for a more personal look at what is going on in my life, this is the Collection to follow. I have a poll that I just put up on this collection. Please come on over and vote and also follow! – John Chvatal