This Day in Aviation History
November 13th, 1942
Eddie Rickenbacker and two other survivors are picked up after being adrift in the Pacific Ocean.

Eddie Rickenbacker, Private John Bartek and Colonel Hans Adamson are picked up by pilot Lieutenant W.F. Eadie and radioman L.H. Boutte. They were adrift for 21 days in the Pacific Ocean. They had little more than a few handkerchiefs, 4 oranges, 60 feet of rope, fishing line and hooks, 3 life rafts, first aid kit, flare pistol with 18 flares, 2 hand pumps, 2 knives, a pair of pliers, a compass, 2 bailing buckets, 2 pistols and a map.

Two out of the other three that were adrift in the Pacific Ocean with Eddie were rescued a day earlier. The other man died some days prior. I #recommend checking out the HistoryNet’s article linked below. It has a detailed account of this event. Also the video linked is of Eddie Rickenbacker talking about being stranded at sea.

HistoryNet, Eddie Rickenbacker and Six Other People Survive a B-17 Crash and Three Weeks Lost in the Pacific Ocean:

YouTube, Admiral Rickenbacker Tells of Rescue at Sea:

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