This Day in Aviation History
November 8th, 1942
The anti-G suit is used in combat for the first time by members of 807 Squadron Fleet Air Arm.
Today I’m going to try something a little different because the articles I have come across were so well researched. Much better than what I could do for the limited amount of time I have put together these aviation history posts.
The first article goes into detail on the development of the anti-G suit. From Professor Frank Cotton’s conseptual “Cotton aerodynamic anti-G flying suit” to Dr. Wilbur Franks first practical anti-G suit that was first used by members of 807 Squadron Fleet Air Arm flying over Oran, Algeria in Supermarine Seafires.
Article Historic Wings, THE ANTI-G SUIT:
Since my home state is Minnesota, I was intrigued to learn Dr. Earl “Howard” Wood, MD further refined Dr. Franks anti-G suit design through extensive testing and research. Dr. Wood worked at the Mayo Clinic here in Minnesota.
Article Minnesota Science & Technology Hall of Fame, Earl H. (Howard) Wood:
Lastly I found a YouTube video that demonstrated Dr Wilber Frank’s anti-G suit in action in a centrifuge.
Video YouTube, Science Saves Lives:
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Photo from: – Photo is of Dr. Wilbur Franks and his anti-G suit.
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