Following on the heels of last week’s successful Blab Live Show I’d like to invite you to join in for round 2 this Friday at 8:30 PM Central time. 

Last week I had a pilot / Navy veteran and two engineers stop by. We had a lively discussion. A viewer asked what we thought about the Lockheed F-35. Who knows what we will wind up talking about at this week’s show. I would love to have people who work in the aviation industry to join and also people who have questions about aviation.

Link to the Blab live show:

If you need to learn more on how to use please check this article out:

My current setup that seems to be the most stable for watch and joining a Blab live show is: either a Windows or a Mac computer (Linux should work also). I use the Google Chrome Web Browser along with a webcam and a pair of headphones.