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November 29th, 1940
First flight of the Junkers Ju 288.

The Junkers Ju 288, originally known within the Junkers firm as the EF 074, was a German bomber project designed during World War II, but which only ever flew in prototype form. The first of 22 development aircraft flew on 29 November 1940.

Prior to the opening of World War II, the Luftwaffe bomber force was primarily aircraft of limited performance, some originally developed with civilian uses in mind as well. The only truly modern design in the inventory was the Ju 88, the first purposed-designed schnellbomber. Although it outperformed the collection of other designs in service, it had numerous problems of its own. Perhaps most notable among these was its very small internal bomb bay that forced it to carry some of its load externally, slowing performance….

Wikipedia, Junkers Ju 288:

YouTube, Junkers Ju 288 (Bomber B):

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