Hector, MN Fly-In 2014
N3N approaching runway.

This is my first opportunity to take some air to air photos. Let me tell you it was alot of fun! I look forward to doing more of this in the future! I still have alot to learn!

I would like to ask other aviation photographers what lens they most often use for air to air photography. So far I have the kit lenses. I have the 18mm to 55mm and the 55mm to 250mm and plan on upgrading to better glass. I had a hard choice on which lens I would use. I ended up going with the 55mm to 250mm for this photo. For part of the time I was at the 55mm focal length and the rest was zoomed in a little more. I was thinking maybe the 24mm to 105mm lens would be good. I should mention I have the crop sensor Cannon 70D. Any input would be much appreciated!

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