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August 20th, 1986
The first propfan engine, a General Electric GE36, takes its first test flight on a Boeing 727.

Wikipedia, General Electric GE36:

Wikipedia, Propfan:

YouTube, GE Aviation – Aircraft Engine History and Technology | Jet
Engine (GE36):

YouTube, Ultra High Bypass Jet Engine Green Technology Airline Flight Test:

YouTube, Unducted Fan MD81 – SBAC Farnborough – 4 September 1988:

Smithsonian Air & Space, The Short, Happy Life of the Prop-fan: 

In researching today’s post; I perceive there is some confusion as to what aircraft type the GE36 first flew on. I believe it was originally tested on the Boeing 727 and later on the DC-9/MD-81 as it is written in the Smithsonian article. Some sources alluded that the DC-9 was the original test aircraft.

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